47 kg in stone

Stones and pounds

The stone or stone weight (abbreviation for stone is st.) is an English and imperial unit of mass equal to 14 pounds (approximately 6.35 kg). We have to differentiate one pound for weight calculation from money value also called pound. For weight pounds we use abbreviation is written as lbs.

The stone (st) continues in customary use in the United Kingdom for body weight. Interestingly, whereas stone is used to describe the weight of a person in UK, people in United States tell their weight in pounds.

Stone and pounds for different measurements

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One pound is one fourteenth part of a stone (st), which means that one stone is equal to 14 pounds (lbs). Whereas ounce, which is smaller, is used to refer to measurements of spices, pound is used in the measurements of fruits and vegetables. Stone, the largest of the three ones, is used for the measurement of agricultural produce as well as weights of individuals. It’s worth to mention one fact about st – even if it’s plural it is also called stone. It means that if someone weighs 10 stones, she/he will write it as 10 stone and not 10 stones.

Metric measurements alternatives

The Metric System of Measurements uses the mass units: gram (abbreviation for gram is g), kilogram (also called kilos; abbreviation: kg) and tonne (t).

1 kg = 1000 g

1000 kilos = 1 tonne

In United States customary units, the pound can be either a measure of force or a unit of mass.

Kilograms to stone (kilos to st)

If we want to calculate how many stone 47 kg contains, it’s worth to provide some basic conversion formula for kilograms.

1 kg = 0.16 stones

10 kilos = 1.57 stones

20 kg = 3.15 stones

40 kg = 6.30 st

47 kg = 7.40 st

47 kg in stone equals 7.40 stones.

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How many stones and pounds

As kilograms conversions to stones were presented, it’s worth to check how other metric values are converted to stones and pounds.

1 kg = 2.204623 lbs

1 t = 157.4730444178 st

1 t = 2204.62262185 lbs