Aptoide as an alternative to Google play store

Aptoide is an application market that can be downloaded and used on Android devices. People who switch to Aptoide want to have an alternative to the Play Store Google. Aptoide is a store where you can find free apps that would otherwise be paid. Aptoide is an additional marketplace for Android devices that installs via your mobile browser and lets you add the best repositories in circulation to find servers full of apps and games of all kinds.

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Aptoide app

Why to choose aptoide?

Not all apps can be found in the Play Google Store and some apps may only be available in premium versions. Although these apps or the same premium apps can be found for no costs in other stores. The same goes for apps that have a lot of ads, and you can get the ad-free version for no costs from another store.

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Is Aptoide safe and legal? – some advices for android device

Unlike the Play Store, at Aptoide, anyone can distribute their apps and create their own repository. This store has everything from legitimate apps to user-modified ones. To be sure of what you are downloading, there are a few things you need to check that tell you about the reliability of the app, which are: User reports “Best application guaranteed” certification. The presence of a green shield with a marker indicating that the application is reliable. The ideal solution is to have an antivirus, therefore I suggest you take a look at the best antivirus for Android. Legal side, the store has no control over the material deposited in different repositories. For this reason, it cannot be considered an illegal store, although users should avoid downloading illegal and modified applications.

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Paid apps

How to install Aptoide Free Android?

Since Aptoide cannot be installed from the Play Store Google, it is necessary to enable the Unknown sources option on Android smartphones, available in Settings> Security. This option allows you to install any application, even those not in the official Google store. To install Aptoide apk download, run the browser of your Android mobile device and go to the official website Click on Download button to get Aptoide to your computer or smartphone, or download the QR code to get it directly on your phone. After the download is complete, click on the Aptoide Android .apk file to start the installation. Go to Next and finish with Install.

Aptoide app

On Aptoide, you can find apps submitted by someone who has already purchased or accessed the original app from elsewhere, but not the owner or company itself. Unlike the Play Store, Aptoide is a non-cost platform so anyone can upload applications to the platform. Aptoide allows you to download the apk of the application and install it for further use. Aptoide is user friendly and also allows users and developers to monetize and promote their apps. You will undoubtedly find a lot of applications on Aptoide and the maximum would be from non-genuine users, you can also check genuine and malware-free applications (having a verified badge) to avoid any kind of trouble.

Specific app

Security Free stuff pops up with the idea of ​​being a scam, or at least everyone assumes there must be something wrong with them. Since Aptoide is an open source platform and anyone can upload to it, it is a scam hub. The place is vulnerable to illegal apps that you should stay away from.

Own store safety

Aptoide regularly monitors apps. According to the latest analyses aptoide offers over a million completely free and secure apps and is currently recognized as the safest app store on the market by independent scientific research.

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Aptoide app not for all android users

Aptoide should not be used by children in any way as it also has many adult apps that you would not otherwise find on the Google Play Store. Not to mention all that, Aptoide contains many malware applications (designed as such). Such applications can be harmful to your device and cause unwanted chaos. Therefore, it is always recommended to download and use only verified applications. Aptoide is a great place to search for apps without thinking and is an alternative to Google Play. However, you have to be very careful when using the same app to download. It comes with tons of apps, but not all are safe. Some basic knowledge of applications and smartphones, and awareness of security vulnerabilities / observing each step online will keep you safe.

You should have access when using trusted apps

Aptoide is a different app store than the Google Play Store. Those who have never heard of it may be skeptical or somewhat doubtful about this third-party store, but you actually have nothing to worry about in terms of reliability and security. In short, we are talking about a reality that can be trusted. Of course, it can be said that Aptoide can only guarantee maximum security if it is used intelligently: which essentially means downloading only applications that you trust and avoiding both those that are not rated and those that are not recommended by users.

Free apps


Alternatives to Apitode – Fdroid, ApkPure, Uptodown On the other hand, Aptoide is not the only alternative store to Google Play that deserves to be included, although in all likelihood it is one of the best stocked. It is worth trying ApkPure, for example, which offers a large number of apps for you to experiment with and which has the advantage that it loads quickly. As a result, it is definitely a dynamic store that allows users to post reviews so you can rank the best apps for each category.


Uptodown is very interesting where you can find a large number of free applications: there are no payment methods available, and at the same time there are no advertising services. Uptodown is a very convenient application that, like Aptoide, offers a high level of security. However, this does not mean that it is always worth paying close attention to each download.


The third alternative app for Aptoide is Fdroid, which presents itself as an open source and free store with lots of costless apps. There is no advertising inside, and you only need a few taps to find the application you are interested in.