Uptodown app store

Uptodown is an international mobile application and desktop software download site. It was established in Málaga, Spain in December 20, 2002.

Its catalog currently includes over 100,000 applications for major computer operating systems, categorized by topic and hosted on its own Uptodown servers. Each app has its own news page written by the Uptodown editorial team and completed with user feedback. The website is available in 15 languages ​​and provides safe programs thanks to VirusTotal, which provides reports on all files based on the results of over 50 antivirus programs. In addition, Uptodown has a blog with news and tutorials related to the software world, as well as its own official native Android app.

Android apps

If you don’t want to install the Play Store on your smartphone, possibly equipped with a Chinese ROM or a custom ROM without Google Apps, but you don’t want to sacrifice the ability to download apps for your Android smartphone, you have an important alternative from Uptodown. The portal also has an Android app with over 4 million applications tested for regional restrictions.

Security report – Uptodown safe

These are, of course, completely legal applications, even if you don’t find many of them in the Play Store because they haven’t passed Google testing. This doesn’t mean they are unsafe apps as Uptodown claims to be the most secure and flexible alternative to the Play Store. There are some apps that Google doesn’t accept in their store, such as the Amazon app.

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More about security

Tomás Ratia, strategy and growth advisor, explains that Uptodown initially uses Virus Total to automatically check 2.5 million APKs with 50 anti-malware engines. In addition, the local editorial team takes care of manual quality control and creates neutral tests in text and video formats.

Uptodown download

The Lite version of the same Uptodown client can be downloaded from the Play Store, but downloads must necessarily go through the Google Store. However, there is a full version that can be downloaded from this address that will free you from any limitations by letting you download the apk file and install it last by clicking on the appropriate icon. Automatic installation at the end of the download is actually only possible on devices with unlocked root permissions.

Installing Uptodown versions

In addition to notifying you of the presence of updated versions and allowing them to be installed from the screen accessible after a real swipe to the right, Uptodown will allow you to revert to the previous version of the application in case the update prevents you from using the application or creates problems anyway. The app catalog is really extensive with around 1.2 million more apps than the Store Play, so you can afford to download apps you’ve never seen before while still relying on a rating system to help you tell legitimate apps from other potentially dangerous ones.

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Download apps – how to avoid virus applications when installing APK on Android

Many developers offer APKs because Google Play Store sometimes fails, or simply because they consider distributing apps without intermediaries as giving them a greater sense of independence. However, this option can prove to be dangerous if you don’t pay enough attention to the origin of what you install on your phone. By installing an application from an APK file, you bypass Google’s security and quality control and can install a virus-infected program in this way. So if you don’t want to compromise on the convenience of installing APK files, or if you haven’t used them yet and want to learn more, follow our security tips and minimize the risk of virus infecting your Android device.

Tips for Uptodown users

Always check the permissions of the applications you install. For example, if the game requests an SMS, this should rather be a sign that certain app should not be used. If you want to instal new apps from APK files, you should also install an antivirus on your device to strengthen your defense against unwanted programs.

Suspicious APK files can also be run on an Android emulator or on a virtual machine with Android installed without compromising your device. You should also remember that safe sources are those where the developer is known and where we can contact certain developer or a supporting group (services options are sometimes provided) in case of any problems. If you are concerned about an app, do not use it.

The most popular antivirus applications for Android tablet users

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Avast! mobile Security

Avast! mobile Security is a free Android app. Its purpose is to protect devices against viruses. This app has a tailored interface for both Android phones and tablets.

Norton Mobile Security

This is another antivirus that is adapted to the large screens of Android tablets. The big advantage of this application is the ability to control security on all Android devices on which we have installed Norton Mobile Security.

AVG Anti-Virus Free

That application scans new files and applications in real time to ensure the greatest possible protection for your tablet.

Zoner AntiVirus

Zoner AntiVirus also has a special tablet version, which makes using the functions of this application on a large screen simple and fun. The application allows you to scan your tablet, memory card or specific files for viruses.