13 inches in cm

United States Customary Units versus metric conversions

The standard table of measurement for the British Imperial System and the United States Standard System includes inches, feet, yards and miles. The Metric System commonly uses millimeters, centimeters (symbol cm), meters, and kilometers.

Modern definition for inches and centimeters

Centimeter (cm) is often used unit of length in Europe (not in UK). In Great Britain and United States a substitute is an inch (in). Centimeter is a unit of length, which is equal to one hundredth of a meter. Inch is a unit of length equal 1/36 yard or 1/12 of a foot. Below in this article we will present how many centimeters contain other values.

Conversion factor not for US customary units

Centimeters converter bases on a logic that is applicable to decimal system. By converting a larger unit to a smaller one, we multiply by 10, 100, 1000, respectively. By converting a ton into kilograms we multiply by 1000. We multiply kilograms into decagrams by 100. The same formula is applied to centimeter, meter and kilometr units. Number 10 or multiple is a conversion factor for other values. Decimal fraction logic cannot be applied for US units which means that using that logic we cannot calculate (convert) how many inches are in 1 foot.

How many cm?

Although many everyday measurements in Great Britain are provided in inches someone may wonder how many centimeters other units contain.

1 cm = 0.01 meter

1 meter = 1000 mm = 100 cm

1 cm = 0.39 inch

1 cm = 0.010936132983 yard

1 cm = 0.032808398949 feet (foot)

1 cm = 0.0000062137119224 mile

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13 inches to cm

13 inches in cm

To convert 13 inches to centimeters we use below logic. Inch value as the one for conversion and then corresponding value provided in international standard unit system of length

  • 1/8 inch = 0.3175 cm
  • 1/4 inch = 0.635 cm
  • 1/2 inch = 1.27 cm
  • one inch = 2.54 cm
  • 10 inches = 25.4 cm
  • 13 inches to cm = 13 x 2.54 = 33.02 cm

To sum up centimeters formula related to inches we may conclude as follows: to convert inches to cm, you must multiply the unit by 2.54 (any number of inches to centimeters).

13 inches to other base unit of length conversion

13 inches = 1.0833333333 foot

13 inches = 0.36111111111 yard

13 inches = 0.00020517676768 mile

13 inches = 0.3302 meter

13 inches = 0.00033019982169 km

Everyday measurements – inches versus cm

Metric is commonly used in Europe. Despite this, you can find an inch bearing in the offers of technical stores. How to choose the mechanism for the application in this case? Introducing the inch to cm converter!

Bearings are not the only technical range that is defined in inches as base unit. This unit is also used with V-belts or toothed belts. However, we get the most inquiries about inch bearings, the selection of which causes some problems for customers. Inch or metric bearings? British imperial units or metric system? In many technical stores, metric bearings prevail, i.e. those whose dimensions are given in millimeters and centimeters. If you select an inch bearing, you can convert from inches in cm or mm. The best solution is to use an online converter in the form of a calculator or base on calculations provided in this article.