48 inches in cm

Standard units of measurements The standard units of measurement for the U.S Standard System are inches, feet, yards and miles. The Metric System commonly uses millimeters, centimeters, meters, and kilometers. In this article 48 inches will be converted. What is an inch? The inch (symbol: in) is a unit of...

How to measure a radiator

Proper selection of radiators requires knowledge and analysis of data concerning the size, type and conditions in the room. The...

How to fix a leaky radiator

Are you worried about the deplorable condition of your radiators? A leaking radiator is one of the most common reasons...
how to paint a radiator

How To Paint a Radiator

Are you tired of your old radiators that are already old? Has its color faded? Do you want to give...


Year 1969. Martin Luther King had been murdered the year before and his "I have a dream" still echoed, as...

Radiator cold at the bottom

When the outside temperature drops significantly, we dream of returning to a warm apartment, even after a short walk. However, if...
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