Wet leg – album review

It rarely happens that a smile appears on your face from the very first sounds while listening to the album. Usually we are focused, there is chills or a faster heartbeat. In the case of the debut album of the band Wet Leg, we are dealing with a large dose of humor and joy. Hence, the listener gets a joyful excitement when he listens to the music and lyrics on the album entitled “Wet Leg”. 

As you can see, the idea of ​​creating cheerful music guided the duo from the very beginning, as the co-founder of the band Rhian explains:

” I wanted to write happy songs, I didn’t want to give in too much to sad feelings, I wanted to write things that are fun to listen to and fun to play .”

Single songs

Virtually any of the presented numbers could become a single and hit on charts around the world. Anyway, the album itself and individual songs are becoming more and more successful. Listeners more and more often appreciate the bold, funny and bold pieces presented on the album. I must admit that Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers have prepared their album perfectly and are currently gaining great publicity around the globe. This is evidenced by the recent success in terms of albums sold in Great Britain. 

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The album is called Wet Leg 
double single
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Wet leg released 8 April 2022

The album includes such songs as:

1.Being In Love

2. Lounge Chair


4.I Don’t Wanna Go Out

5.Wet Dream


7.Loving You

8.Ur Mum

9.Oh No

10.Piece of Shit


12.Too Late Now

A breath of fresh air

The album “Wet Leg” was released by Domino Recording on April 8, 2022 and until then it resonates perfectly with the audience. Even if someone has not listened to this genre of music before, it is difficult to pass by the duo’s debut with Isle of Wight. Although the compositions seem relatively simple, they are characterized by brilliance, biting and funny language and a delicacy of message in the girls’ voices. 


“Wet Leg” is a pleasure to listen to and it just makes us feel better. Thanks to this album, we feel a surge of energy and put ourselves in a good mood. The brilliant compositions draw attention while listening, and it is difficult to choose the best one from the entire album. My favorites are “Being in love” and “Wet dream”. I encourage you to listen to this album about tracking Wet Leg’s career, they will surely mix things up on the music scene and will be even louder about them in the future.

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