ArrDee, the hip-hop prodigy, presents the eagerly awaited debut mixtape entitled “Pier Pressure”.

The 11-track “Pier Pressure” set is ArrDee’s largest and most comprehensive musical offering. The varied material clearly shows why the 19-year-old has become a real sensation on the British scene over the past year. “Pier Pressure” is a tart humor, a knack for storytelling and musical versatility, as well as a bit of a broken heart story and a dose of reflection.

The release opens with the single “Locker” with strong bass and triumphant chords that immediately set the tone for the whole “Pier Pressure”. The clip accompanying the song is kept in a similar adrenaline atmosphere. Further singles appear in the set: cooperation with a colleague Aitch – “War”, buzzing with energy “Oliver Twist” and “Flowers (Say My Name)” with samples of Destiny’s Child. These three tracks gathered 136 million views on Spotify. The last single from the set is about love and loss, random relationships and absent father “Come & Go”, bringing closer the more reflective side of ArrDee.

Not only does Aitch make guest appearances on “Pier Pressure,” but also London-based singer and songwriter Lola Young, who sang on the final “Who Woulda Thought.”

– After a whole year of exerting pressure on the music scene, I decided it was time to release my debut mixtape – says ArrDee. – This set reveals my different layers, not only the artistic ones, but just me as a human being. As a boy from a seaside town, I prove something to myself while also ensuring that I will continue to put pressure on the hip-hop scene.

ArrDee made a name for himself when he released his debut single “Cheeky Bars” last year, which today has 6.5 million streams on YouTube. The number found its way to the “Madness” mixtape and attracted many British radio journalists. As a result, the song was on the Spotify NMF UK and Rap UK playlists, debuting at 14th place on the Viral list. Then came the number “6AM In Brighton”, an ode to ArrDee’s hometown. The track, in which you can clearly hear the rapper’s characteristic flow and lyrics flowing straight from the heart, accumulated 2 million on YouTube in the first month of its premiere. “Pier Pressure” is ArrDee’s next step towards great fame.