Work schedule before Christmas. Step by step Christmas cleaning and tidying

Christmas cleaning is usually a larger scope of work than in the case of weekly actions. Cleaning the house for Christmas can take us a long time, especially if we are behind in this regard. In order for the pre-Christmas cleaning to run smoothly, it is best to prepare a work schedule before Christmas so that we do not forget anything. In what order to clean the house for Christmas, so that the Christmas cleaning goes smoothly and does not take much time? We have prepared a work schedule related to pre-Christmas cleaning. You’ll learn how to get everything done and then find time for more enjoyable holiday chores.

Christmas cleaning: we get rid of dust

We always start vacuuming from the top so that the dust does not fall on the already cleaned surfaces below. We take off curtains and drapes, vacuum the ceiling and walls with a long-handled brush wrapped in a dry cloth. We remove dust from radiators. In holiday cleaning, to reach hard-to-reach places, we can use a brush to clean bottles. We clean upholstered furniture, wash decorative glass and various trinkets. Finally, we shake the carpets.

Christmas cleaning: doors, windows, floors

After thorough vacuuming, we clean the doors and windows. However, if it is very cold, we better give it up, because we can simply catch a cold. Finally, we clean and polish the floors. Wipe the varnished parquet with a slightly damp cloth. On the other hand, unvarnished, we clean with a paste that replaces shaving, and then we apply a colorless paste and polish it to a shine. The wooden panels, on the other hand, are coated with a polishing agent that will give them a shine.

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Christmas cleaning: bathroom, then kitchen

The next stage of the holiday cleaning is the bathroom. We start by washing the glaze and cleaning the joints. We’ll use vinegar for that. A solution of vinegar and water perfectly removes not only scale from the battery, but also sediment from old soap. Dirty grout will be as good as new when cleaned with a bleach solution or baking powder. You can use an old toothbrush for this. Then we wash the bathtub, sink, toilet bowl and faucets with appropriate detergents. Tiles, stoves, dishes and pots covered with a layer of greasy dust are the nightmare of many housewives. But there is a way. Vinegar is an effective means to remove this type of dirt . Trays, grate, oven, hood will shine when we wash them in a special solution prepared from hot water with the addition of 200 ml of dishwashing liquid and 200 ml of vinegar. We also need to prepare the fridge for Christmas food. Defrost it and wash it thoroughly. After washing, wipe the refrigerator with a sponge with a little vinegar. We leave the door open to air out. If the unpleasant odor persists, we can put lemon slices with cloves stuck in them.

While cleaning the kitchen, let’s do an inventory of the cupboards. Let’s review all food products and throw away the expired ones. It is also worth washing the tableware, which is used only for special occasions. At the end, we leave the washing of tiles, countertops, sink and floor.

Christmas cleaning: hall

We remove unused jackets and shoes from the hall to make room for guests’ clothes. We wipe the mirror and wash the floor. After dealing with the whole mess, we will be able to take care of the more pleasant part of pre-Christmas preparations – preparing dishes, wrapping gifts and decorating the Christmas tree.