ISTP Personality

If you are wondering whether you are an ISTP, think about how you approach problems. Are you practical? Do you act intuitively? Do you often analyze situations before taking action? If so, maybe you are one of them.

How to recognize a Virtuoso personality type?

ISTP, also known as the Virtuoso, is an enigmatic personality type that I have had many opportunities to work with in my long psychological practice. These encounters were full of fascination, sometimes challenging, but always leading to interesting discoveries. In each of these individuals, I saw the self-assurance characteristic of Hemingway, coupled with an astonishing depth of reflection.

Who are the Virtuosos?

During my practice, I had the pleasure of working with many ISTPs. They are characterized by an extraordinary ability to analyze and a practical view of the world. Like one of my patients, Michał, a mechanics enthusiast, who after hours of analyzing the problem simply stood up and fixed the broken mechanism in a flash. When I asked him how he did it, he just smiled and said that it’s his way of being in the world.

ISTP in relationships – something about the ISTP personality type

Relations with a Virtuoso are unique. They are loyal, but sometimes find it hard to open up. Working with a couple where one person was an ISTP was fascinating. Their relationship was full of profound conversations but also moments of misunderstandings due to difficulties in expressing emotions.

ISTP – Strong sides of the Virtuoso

The advantages of ISTP are undeniable. Their ability to quickly adapt to situations, manual skills, and an intuitive understanding of mechanisms are just a few of them. I remember working with Ania, a dancer, whose movements were like poetry – precise and full of passion. A typical Virtuoso – insightful, focused, and yet full of passion.

The Virtuoso personality type – shadows of ISTP

However, like all of us, ISTPs have their weaknesses. They often find it hard to express emotions, which can be challenging in relationships with others. I remember Janek, who had difficulty naming his feelings. When I asked him how he felt, he replied: “I don’t know. Maybe good?”. It’s these moments of uncertainty that make ISTPs authentic.

Virtuoso personality in the professional world

The professional world of ISTP is a fascinating journey through diversity. These are people who can be both artists and mechanics. In my practice, I met a Virtuoso who was both a musician and an engineer. Everything he did was done with passion and commitment.

Test – Are you a Virtuoso (ISTP)?

  1. Situation Analysis: When faced with an unfamiliar problem at work or in everyday life: a) You focus on specifics and look for practical solutions. b) You consider various perspectives, thinking about how the situation will affect others. c) You seek the opinions of others to better understand the problem. d) You focus on how you feel about the problem.

2. Decisions: When making important decisions: a) Trusting your experience and intuition. b) Relying on verified sources of information and data. c) Consulting with loved ones and asking their opinion. d) You analyze all possible consequences for yourself and others.

3. Social Interactions: In social situations: a) You often observe, analyzing the behavior of others. b) Actively participate in the discussion, sharing your emotions. c) You focus on building relationships and creating connections between people. d) You often avoid deep conversations, preferring lighter topics.

4. Actions: When you have free time: a) Prefer active forms of spending time, such as sports or DIY. b) Often analyze the past, thinking about your decisions and choices. c) Spend time with people, talking and sharing with them. d) Read books that develop your imagination and creativity.

5. Planning for the Future: When thinking about the future: a) You focus on what is now, rarely making long-term plans. b) Analyze different scenarios and prepare for various possibilities. c) Consider how your decisions will affect those around you. d) Focus on how you feel about the future.

Typical answers for ISTP (Virtuoso):

a a a a a

This is just an example of a test that could be used by a psychologist. However, for a full assessment of personality type according to MBTI, it’s best to use official and recognized diagnostic tools.

Famous ISTP Virtuosos – Famous personalities of the ISTP type

a. Clint Eastwood – American actor and director.

b. Steve Jobs – co-founder of Apple Inc. (although some argue he might have been an INTJ).

c. Harrison Ford – American actor known for roles like Han Solo or Indiana Jones.

d. Tom Cruise – American actor. Bruce Lee – actor and martial arts master.

e. James Dean – iconic actor from the 1950s.

f. Kristen Stewart – American actress.

g. Michael Jordan – one of the greatest basketball players of all time.

h. Tiger Woods – professional golfer.

i. Mila Kunis – American actress.


Working with ISTP is undoubtedly unique. Their unique way of seeing the world, their deep reflections, and uncertainties make them one of the most fascinating personality types. Virtuosos are like unsolved puzzles that reveal more secrets to us every day.