Don’t you like doing sports? 3 simple ways to help prevent the symptoms of sedentary lifestyles after 30

Stress is an integral part of modern human life, and despite technology providing various sources of relaxation, physical movement remains the most handy solution for mental refreshment. Even if your work schedule or family obligations don’t leave time to work out at the gym, 30 minutes of exercise is enough to delay the onset of certain conditions that can develop as you get older.

How do you boost muscle tone without going to the gym?

What are the best ways to prevent symptoms associated with sedentary lifestyles after the age of 30?

  • Body relaxation massage

After a tiring day in the office chair, a back massage, stretching massage or leg relaxation massage is even recommended to prevent circulatory blockages. If time doesn’t allow you to indulge at the massage parlours as much as you’d like, then Japanese Zero Gravity massage chairs with foot support and programmes for every part of the body could be the ideal solution for your lifestyle. A 30-minute massage session can have a calming effect on the mind, relax stiff muscles, prevent stiff joints, decrease the risk of injury by boosting mobility and stimulate lymph flow. Discover more about the benefits of Japanese massage chairs with Artificial Intelligence on

  • Nordic Walking

If walking seems monotonous to you, then you can try Nordic walking. If you love walking and nature, but hiking seems too strenuous, then experience the benefits of Nordic walking. Nordic walking or Nordic walking is a type of nature movement invented by the Nordic peoples that requires only a pair of sports shoes, two mountain sticks for support and a corner of nature. Nordic walking can be practised anywhere, both by the sea and in parks or on mountain paths. This style of physical activity combines arm, leg and cardio movements. 30 minutes dedicated to Nordic walking activates more than 60% of the body’s muscles compared to normal walking.

For extra relaxation, invite a few friends or other loved ones to join you. Socialising and human interaction with people who share common values with yours helps to relieve mental stress and balance cortisol levels. If you prefer to walk alone, then resist the temptation to use your phone. Connect with nature and enjoy the sounds of the water, birdsong, the breeze and other nature sounds that have a positive impact on your mental tone.

  • Power Walk

If you haven’t been able to jog because of the weather outside or lack of time, then you can ‘catch up’ and burn calories by power walking. All you need to do is set a brisk walking pace that you maintain consistently. Unlike jogging, power walking or brisk walking does not involve jumping on the ground, which protects your joints. Choose a pleasant route for a brisk 30-minute walk. You can choose to relax this way after work, while listening to a podcast or audio book.

Include all of these solutions in your daily routine and alternate them for visible, long-term results. Over time you can increase the intensity of the effort or the duration, which can contribute enormously to improving your physical appearance, overall tone and the body’s level of resistance in the fight against disease.