How to bleed different radiators – aluminum, plate finned and trench

How to bleed a radiator - aluminium Aluminum radiators are among the most popular because they have affordable prices. They are also available in a decorative version. Such heaters should not only be useful, but also aesthetic. Aluminum radiators are light, so they are easy to transport, move and install....


Year 1969. Martin Luther King had been murdered the year before and his "I have a dream" still echoed, as an ambition for greater equality of rights and humanity for his people. Amstrong had taken his first steps on the moon. It was a time of strikes, of student protests....

5 ways to grow in holiness for marriages

Pursuing holiness is the goal of many married couples who believe in God and want to live out that faith truly at every stage of their lives. The richness of the lives of the saints and blessed who have set the same goals in life in the past is an...

Radiator cold at the bottom

When the outside temperature drops significantly, we dream of returning to a warm apartment, even after a short walk. However, if it turns out that it is also cold there, and we will frostbite faster than we warm our hands by the radiator, we need to consider what is the reason...

Lavender tea, benefits and contraindications for the body

Lavender tea has many benefits for the body, but also contraindications. The drink can help people suffering from insomnia and relieve menstrual pain. It also provides a state of relaxation and reduces anxiety. It is not recommended for allergic people, and if consumed in large quantities it can have adverse...
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