Motivation for New Year

The New Year is most often associated with a sparkling, champagne New Year’s Eve night. There is fun, there are dances, often accompanied by alcohol, and time spent with family or friends. But for some, it is also a time of reflection and reflection on their lives – completed plans and goals. Often it is only in such moments that we “wake up” and remember what we decided a year ago. The feeling of ambition, courage, self-confidence and willingness to change – to create a better version of yourself – returns to us. Those who persevered in their New Year’s resolutions and fulfilled them may feel satisfied and satisfied with their regularity and consistency. The others – either the bitterness of failure, or they just have to deal with it. Each of these scenarios has one element in common that affects our development – motivation.

The truth is that the most constant thing in this world is change. Often we are not aware that even through small gestures and actions we experience change. Perhaps this is our problem – we expect from others and ourselves something great, tangible, even global. And in fact, the change takes place precisely in these small, modest things, which often cause great difficulty at the very beginning of our path and, by letting go, we lose motivation for further development.

New Year’s resolutions are what we define as a “breakthrough” in our lives. This is due to the fact that we are not completely satisfied with our lives so far and we need a change. And with change comes motivation. And motivation itself is not the rapid and excessive blowing of a balloon that is about to burst at the end of January. It is the skillful collection and use of positive energy that is to serve our change. What to do so that motivation does not leave us? Here are some simple points:

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Next year’s words

1. Start with small and specific steps . If you have a plan up your sleeve, “I want to lose weight!”, “I want to be rich!” or “I want to be more resourceful!” then think about what action will make you lose weight, become rich or more resourceful. Change your eating habits. Start practicing. Read a book on sensible saving. Start investing in yourself. Learn to throw away your garbage systematically. Wash dishes after every meal. These are the small steps that will lead you to your desired goal.

2. Choose a goal that will be pure pleasure for you . There is nothing worse than forcing yourself to do something you don’t want or expect from others, often unfavorable people. YOU are supposed to feel good about yourself and YOU should know best what you lack in life and what will bring you closer to simply being a better person. For yourself, not for others.

3. Specify the time of implementation of your resolution and break it down into prime factors . We often have it to ourselves that we throw our desires into the void without specifying when we really want to achieve this goal. next year? In half a year? in a month? Or maybe a week? It depends on ourselves, but when setting a deadline for implementation, let’s remember about one thing – common sense and measuring our own strength for intentions.

4. Find a partner to help you . You don’t want to feel lonely in your resolutions and at the same time want to boast about your achievement in the future? Choose a person close to you and ask them to support you in your achievements. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Believe me, there is nothing better than mutual motivation to work on your life. This doubles willingness and energy and reduces many of the risks that can arise in crisis situations.

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Year’s resolutions

5. Reward yourself . If you have set a goal for yourself and there are smaller goals associated with it, motivate yourself with small rewards to achieve them. Thanks to this, you will be aware that you are going in the right direction – you are developing and taking the next step, bringing you closer to who you want to become in the New Year.

6. Write down your goal ! If your goal is quite complicated, you are not sure whether in a week or a month you will not forget it. To avoid this, write it down in a visible place and look at it daily. By writing it down, you transfer to a piece of paper a part of yourself that you want to regain at the end of your journey. Let this one word or sentence remind you of who you want to become and what personal satisfaction it will give you after you achieve this resolution.

7. My last personal message to you – don’t give up . Do not let go, especially in difficult times of crisis. Be persistent in your resolution and stick to it until the very end. Have the courage to be honest with yourself. Be open and curious about new and innovative things. Accept that we are not perfect and we may have moments of weakness. Live your life with passion and give it true meaning, in line with your values.

Good luck!