How to lose weight fast – new year’s resolution to help you stay fit and slim

Perhaps you are also wondering how to become slim in a fast way. The New Year is a good opportunity to introduce changes in the way of eating and get rid of unnecessary kilograms. In the text below, we will present to you suggestions for positive changes that can lead you to success. I will be a chance to improve the appearance of our figure and most importantly. We hope that you will maintain this change permanently.

Healthy weight versus chronic diseases in 21st century

More and more people are  overweight and obese. Obesity has already been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a civilization disease of the 21st century. It is largely due to the consumption of highly processed food and low physical activity. A couch lifestyle and reaching for unhealthy food not only contributes to weight gain, but can also cause many cardiovascular diseases.

It is worth realizing that the fashion for being fit is actually a fashion for health, which can help us maintain good looks and health. The thought of losing weight should therefore be accompanied by the feeling that we are doing something more – we care about ensuring a better and longer life.

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New Year’s resolution

Fewer calories but not restricted lose weight resolutions

Almost all of us have lost weight at least once in our lives. Most often, we get very excited to change our eating habits and lifestyle, and then… we lose our enthusiasm just as quickly. To lose your weight in a healthy way, you should not suddenly start starving yourself and limit your caloric intake to 1000. You really can’t stand such a diet for long and it can only discourage you from losing weight. Various types of restrictive diets, such as the cabbage  diet or the Dukan diet , can discourage us from losing weight, and additionally lead to serious health problems. It is best to choose a healthy diet that will make our slimming process safe and lasting.

To lose weight quickly and healthily, you just need to change your eating habits. Excluding from the diet products rich in carbohydrates, sugars and starches, eliminating sweets, sweet and salty snacks, alcohol or carbonated drinks usually starts to bring clear effects quite quickly. However, it should be remembered that healthy weight loss should take place gradually, and slow weight loss is considered the best and healthiest. 1 kilogram a week is the optimal result that allows us to lose weight in a healthy way.

What will not help you while losing weight

  • lack of exercise – to lose weight you have to move! Physical activity stimulates fat burning and can lead to rapid weight loss
  • snacking in the evenings – with TV series and movies on the couch, it is better to reach for dried fruit or dried fruit rather than sweet and salty snacks
  • reaching for ready-made food – unfortunately, ready-made meals contain many unhealthy ingredients and are often high in calories
  • lack of motivation – you want to lose weight quickly, but … you don’t know why? Lack of motivation can make it harder to lose weight
  • no plan – to lose weight healthily and change your lifestyle, you need to have a slimming plan. This helps not only to set a goal, but also makes weight loss a health project that we implement step by step

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How to follow new year’s resolutions related to weight loss in a smart way

If you want to lose your weight fast, it can help you:

  • low-carbohydrate diet
  • lower calorie intake
  • regular physical activity
  • proper hydration of the body

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Seven tips for those who are in weight loss journey

If your new year’s resolution is weight loss, you can try to achieve smart goals every day and you will see that your body fat will reduce and this way you will have new routine which will lead you to happiness.

  1. Individual approach

    Even the best balanced diet will not work if we are not able to follow its principles. No matter what trends we encounter in coming year, the main determinant of changes in our menu should be our well-being. Of course, this does not mean that if we crave sweets all the time, we should eat them “because our body says so”. It is definitely more about keeping a distance from the incoming news. No one can tell you for sure how to succeed in weight loss journey. Introducing new rules to your nutrition should be the sum of arguments from the scientific world, your own needs and well-being, not fashion.

  2. Do what is possible for you

    The ideal life situation would be one where we cook several varied meals throughout the day, do five workouts a week conscientiously, and still have time for work, shopping, family and other hobbies. Unfortunately, the vision of too many responsibilities effectively deters us from making changes. However, we must know that we do not have to approach the transformation in a zero-one approach. We always look for solutions that will be a compromise between what would be best and what we are able to do. After all, it is better to set yourself smaller challenges and implement them systematically than to follow an ambitious path and give up at the very beginning. When it comes to changing the look of your physique, stepwise action is of the utmost importance. We have most of our lives to reorganize. Answer the question“How to lose weight?” therefore, it includes not only nutrition and training, but often also a change in lifestyle.

  3. Be efficient

    Usually the biggest obstacle to making a change is time. While we are unable to extend the day, we can use it more effectively. Thus, we will support and not sabotage our weight loss.

    To save time, we can: cook larger portions and divide them into meals throughout the day, plan the menu in advance and do one big purchase a week, or prepare one-pot dishes instead of those that require a revolution in the kitchen. It is not without reason that it is said that those who do not want – will find excuses, and those who care – will find a way.

  4. Adjust the number of meals to your personal needs

    Instead of the recommendation “Eat 5 regular meals” , I consider it more accurate to adjust their quantity to individual needs. Some of us will feel better eating less and more often, while for others it will be a regular stimulation of the stomach by small portions that will not satisfy hunger.

    It has been established that 5 meals is the number that supports fat loss. Meanwhile, the direction of changes in our body weight is determined primarily by the caloric value of the diet. The distribution of these calories throughout the day doesn’t matter that much.

  5. Meals not snacks; do not allow your body to be hungry

    Snacking between meals is common in people who have trouble maintaining weight. Snacks are characterized by the fact that they contain a large amount of energy in a small volume, which makes them unable to satisfy our hunger. What’s worse, the fact of eating a snack very often does not reduce the portion of the planned meal, because it does not satisfy our hunger in any way.

    The use of snacks therefore increases the chance of exceeding the daily caloric balance, which may result in weight gain. So if we want to better control the appearance of our figure, let’s plan all meals so that they are wholesome. In weight loss process, make sure that instead of meals you don’t eat snacks that only increase your appetite.

    It’s important to remember that it’s not good to be hungry. During hunger, our body activates several mechanisms to encourage us to eat a meal as soon as possible. This is why with an empty stomach we are unable to pass by the smell of the bakery indifferently, the level of our willpower decreases, we have more problems with concentration and make worse decisions.

    When planning your nutrition, we should take into account the times when we feel the greatest hunger and plan enough meals at that time. We also need to take care of preparing these dishes in advance. Starting cooking on an empty stomach very often ends up with snacking in the meantime. We already know the consequences of such behavior from the previous subsection.

  6. Avoid processed food

    While there is nothing wrong with eating pizza once in a while, basing your diets mainly on fast and highly processed products is very unfavorable. We should plan our nutrition in such a way that processed dishes account for a maximum of 20% of our daily intake. If this amount is higher, we run the risk of developing nutritional deficiencies, excessive fluctuations in blood glucose levels, increased inflammation, a higher risk of developing diseases, and poorer appetite control. Eating a lot of such products will not help in weight loss.

  7. Control amount of food consumption

    Counting calories has mostly negative connotations. However, at the beginning it is worth having control over how much energy goes into our body. Anyone who can intuitively estimate their diets has gone through a calculation phase. This is the stage needed to properly assess your needs and get used to certain portion sizes.

    Of course, we must distinguish between nervous counting of every calorie and rational control aimed at increasing our self-awareness. Over time, the need to calculate the amount of food will gradually disappear, because we will be able to accurately assess the needs of our body.

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New goal

How to lose your weight – summary

Weight loss is not a zero-one process. No dietician who is serious about the subject will not create a list of points that will ensure everyone achieves their dream figure. Each person requires an individual approach because they have their own nutritional history, habits and mechanisms. It’s important for you to:

  • Recognize thought patterns
  • Build new, more current beliefs about yourself
  • Create new habits that will support the weight loss process
  • Motivate yourself and others to act
  • Fix your relationship with food