What a modern bathroom should be like

The bathroom plays a very important role in every home. This is where we start and end the day. Therefore, the bathroom must be a place where we want to be and feel good. Several elements affect the design and functionality of a bathroom. In the article below you will find all the necessary information on what should be in an ideal bathroom.

Choice of colors

The first important choice is the color of the bathroom. The most common are pastel colors and white. This color scheme is perfect for smaller spaces. In the case of a large space, you can choose deep black. The perfect color for a modern bathroom. Black is also perfectly combined with wood.

A wooden floor or a rattan armchair will suit such a bathroom. An interesting solution in the case of a bathroom can be tiles that imitate wood. As you can see, the choice of possible colors is very large and everyone can easily match something. Another important decision is the choice of a bathtub or a shower cubicle.

Shower cubicle or standing bathtub – or maybe both?

The bathroom should be comfortable and encourage you to spend as much time in it as possible. A well-designed space should be functional, comfortable and spacious. Of course, it must have a bath or shower. In the case of large bathrooms, a common solution is a combination of both solutions.

Shower cabins are available in many different combinations, both in terms of the shape and size of the shower tray as well as the materials from which the cabin is made. In the case of a bathtub, we can choose a traditional solution that will fit most solutions. Currently, a free- standing bathtub is a hit – brass or gold on massive legs.

Not only design

Design is important, but modern technology can make your bathroom a great place to relax and rest during your working week. We can choose from illuminated tiles, a bathtub with the option of maintaining the temperature or a rain shower with a massage option. Modern solutions mean not only comfort, but also savings.

Interesting solutions include, among others, a modern toilet. It is worth betting on one that does not have a collar. Thanks to this, dirt and bacteria will not accumulate. If we do not have enough space for separate devices, it is worth choosing a toilet with a bidet function.

Self-cleaning surfaces are another interesting solution. They protect, among other things, a shower cabin, a washbasin or a bathtub against limescale. It is worth using such a solution if the bathroom is dominated by dark colors of the tiles.

A modern bathroom allows us to maintain hygiene, and touchless faucets fit perfectly into this trend. A hand movement is enough and the water starts to flow from the battery. In addition to the fashionable appearance, such modern solutions allow you to save water.

Choose the style you want

In addition to the finishing elements, an equally important aspect is style. We can focus on completely modern solutions as well as traditional ones. When choosing a modern style, we can combine, for example, wood, black and aluminum. An interesting idea is to combine rattan shelves with ceramics.

In addition to the appearance, it is also important to plan the spaces properly. A well-arranged bathroom allows us to hide everything so that nothing is left outside. For this, various types of bathroom cabinets are very useful, including hanging bathroom cabinets . The entire design will be complemented by properly selected interior doors .

Bathroom lighting

Lighting offers many possibilities. You can highlight the mirror or interesting patterns above the bathtub. LEDs or built-in ceilings give almost unlimited possibilities of lighting the bathroom. Such delicate lighting is not able to provide the right amount of light, but it is a very interesting addition. In large and modern bathrooms, you can even find large crystal chandeliers as a light source.


Regardless of whether you choose wood or ceramics, it is worth having fun combining different elements and styles with each other. A functional and beautiful bathroom, equipped as we dreamed it, will certainly be a place where we will be happy to spend time.