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Each child has his or her favorite fairy tale – an animated series or a movie, and their beloved heroes with whom they identify. Toy manufacturers who produce homemade movie toys know this very well. That is, figures, mascots, vehicles, dolls and sets inspired by the plot and characters from television and cinema. Thanks to this, toddlers have the opportunity to play creatively with their favorite heroes, including playing their role or playing remembered or imagined scenes and stories. In this article, we will present some interesting movie toys.

Toy Story movie toys

The American-produced animated film, which had its premiere in 1995, won millions of fans and viewers around the world.

These are the main characters of Toy Story

Space Buzz Lightyear

Home movie toys, dreamworks home toys. toy collection for girls boys.
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This toy got its name in honor of the famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Andy got it for his birthday, and he liked Buzz so much that he took the place of his former “friend” – Sheriff Skinny. As a figurine, in our store it comes in two forms and you can play with it in two different ways. First, Buzz is an interactive and talking character that produces over 40 different sounds and phrases. In addition, Buzz Lightyear can move identically to its prototype film. An additional attraction will be a shining laser on the astronaut’s arm.

Slinky Dog:

He’s a cute dachshund, one of Skinny’s many friends. The center of Thinki’s torso is a spring that the Toy Story team uses in many actions and crazy situations. The dachshund figure has several movable elements, thanks to which the dog perfectly reproduces the pet from the film

Sheriff Woody Pride:

He is a brave, extremely brave and honorable cowboy who never leaves his brown hat. Sheriff Woody Pride is Andy’s favorite toy and the leader of the entire toy crew. Mr. Toy presents a Talking Cowboy Figurine that utters 15 different sounds and melodies, including his iconic slogans! Articulation points, which are placed in the figure of the Sheriff, will allow you to play thematic scenes.