Benefits of using all season down duvets

The natural filling of duvets and pillows is now increasingly in demand by customers. All
season down duvets are the softest, lightest and most resilient. At the same time, they
are very warm and have excellent thermoregulatory properties. The best type of duvet
filling is goose down. Why should you decide to buy such a duvet?

High-quality goose down

Goose down is a popular choice due to its high softness and low weight of the duvet
compared to synthetic fillers. Some people also use duck down due to its lower price.
However, this is a lower quality filling. It is characterized by an unpleasant smell that persists
even after repeated washing.

Durability and elasticity of the duvet

Goose down duvets are distinguished by their durability and elasticity. They ensure excellent
air circulation and wick away moisture. This allows the skin to breathe freely and the duvet
user will never wake up overheated or cold. Therefore, it is the best night cover to guarantee
comfort and effective rest while sleeping.

Polish down valued all over the world

Particular attention should be paid to down duvets filled with Polish down, which is known
and valued all over the world. All season down duvets from the Greater Poland region have
unique thermoregulatory properties, providing exceptional softness and healthy sleep. Such
duvets are available in a variety of sizes, which can be easily adapted to the needs of children
and adults.

Natural and soft Batiste material

Down quilts are available in versions manufactured using natural Batiste fabric. This is 100%
cotton with a fine weave and high breathability. The fabric is skin-friendly and resistant to
pilling. In addition, it adapts to the prevailing ambient temperature, so it is worth using
during the warm summer months. Batiste is a fabric that is considered a luxurious solution
for a unique aesthetic experience.

Proper care of a down duvet

In order for down duvets to last a long time, they need to be cared for in the right way. It is
worth opting for professional cleaning, as goose down is very sensitive to basic chemicals.
Down duvets should be aired and cleaned regularly. Washing is worth doing on average
once every 2-3 years, unless the quilt is used by allergy sufferers and small children.
All season down duvet should not be exposed to too much sunlight, as this increases the
development of mites. It is best to air it in a gentle frost, which will eliminate the fine mites.
In this way, the down duvet will be able to serve without the need for replacement for up to
several decades.