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Weekday's 6am-10am; Sundays 10am-2pm

Born: January 26, 1978

Hometown:  East Haddam, CT...MOODUS, WHAT! 

Education:  Xavier High School, Villanova University 

Most annoying habit: I put salt on everything!

Best quality: I am 100% Reliable...that's why they made me the morning guy!

Most proud of: My Perfect Attendence Award for grades K-12! (Seriously, I never missed a day of school…EVER!)

Favorite season:  Fall...or Autumn if it makes me sound smarter! 

My favorite hobby:  Gambling..trust me, it's a hobby when you do it like I do! 

Favorite place to relax:  Eagle Beach – Noord, Aruba 

Favorite foods: Boardwalk Fries & Pizza

Favorite dessert: Italian Ice

The one thing I would change about humanity:  Less clothing... 

What I enjoy the most:  Sunny days, long nights, cold drinks, beautiful ladies, Red Sox championships, & vacations! 

Favorite colors: Green & White

Favorite television show: PTI on ESPN

I'm most comfortable: Wearing flip-flops, blue jeans, my Red Sox hat, sipping a drink

Why am I a DJ? I couldn’t dunk a basketball or play a guitar. Plus, the male strip club said I wasn’t tall enough to dance!

Most unusual radio gig: I was working at a country station in Delaware on April 15th (Tax Day) broadcasting from a Post Office dressed up as Uncle Sam and paid for postage on everyone’s taxes as they dropped them in the mail!

If I could stalk one celeb, who would it be? Sophia Vergara...again

Craziest thing I ever did:  During Spring Break in Cancun, I suffered my only drinking contest loss EVER, and had to run across the beach and jump in the water NAKED in front of like 1000 people! The water was wicked COLD...you know what happened next right?? 

The thing I most remember about my parents: Sacrifice....and gin!  Lot's of gin!

The thing I admire most in a person & myself:  Being a man of my word…and large breasts! 

Something not many people know about me:  I wish I were 6’5” and a could dunk a basketball...and card count! 

My most unusual job: Car Battery Delivery Man




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